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Why Engineering?

I love the engineering mentality and how it pervades my life. As I learn to build software better, I also learn to live life better.

I love how studying software design and how to reduce complexity with concepts like information hiding and modular design has allowed me to simplify and take control of my life. I love how studying trees and OOP has allowed me to organize my life into categories (or nodes) and develop systems to organize my space and mind. I love how the detail-oriented process of writing algorithms has allowed me to trivially build life habits like waking up on time and working at hobbies like meditation, cooking, or fitness. I love how debugging skills allow me to track down and isolate practical issues. Then how my problem solving skills can draw out an okay brute force solution and iterate on it until it’s ready to be implemented in my routine (everyday life). I love how distributed systems tackle the problem of random spontaneous failure, because that’s how real life can feel sometimes, “Two is one and One is none”. I love how I see programming in everyday life (like memorization as caching), although I’m slightly afraid that this may cause trouble communicating with an SO.

Engineering is not just what I do, it is how I live my life.