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Backpacking Japan: Part 2

It’s incredible how fast the months can pass when you’re having fun! As the trip came to a close we headed further into Japan to explore Osaka and Hiroshima before heading back to Tokyo. We actually went back to Tokyo earlier than we had planned, since it was just that incredible!

We caught a pretty good view of Mount Fuji as we sped by on the Shinkansen.


Tsukumen, or Dipping Noodles. Right next to our airbnb, came by here a couple times

Japans Supercuts, $10 for a 10 minute haircut

These $1 clear umbrellas were everywhere

Glico man!

Pachinko, Japanese videogame slots

Met up with some of Amber’s Highschool friends and ate a lot of raw food

My first taiyaki, redbean. I’d go on to try custard, curry, etc filled

This turtle has been all over the world!

Amber, I and Osaka Castle. It was golden week so very crowded and active. We saw performers and a rock band

Favorite sushi place, used huge slabs of fish

What dreams are made of

Amber had met Tetsu somewhere in Southeast Asia (he’s Tatsu’s friend). He showed us around Osaka

Took us to a place under the subway where they boiled everything. Had whale for the first time.


Our hotels view, right in the center of Hiroshima

Our hotel happened to be in the middle of the Hiroshima Flower Festival

There were parades all day


Hundreds of huge paper cranes. Well, ten hundred would be a good guess.

There was food everywhere too

Mazemen place right next to our hotel

Sobering abomb museum

Genbaku (“A-Bomb”) Dome, directly below the epicenter of the abomb detonation

Hiroshima style Okanomiyaki (over noodles)

Day trip to Itsukushima Island

Pretty sweet gate, looks cooler when the tide rises though

Messing around at the shrine

Well known for seafood, you can find people digging for seafood on the beach

At night once the tide had come in a little

Back to Tokyo

Were planning on staying in Hiroshima for a couple days longer, but couldn’t wait to get back to Tokyo!

Tokyo Stations Character Street. Full of anime shops: Shonen Jump, Pokemon, Miyazaki, Eggy, etc

Ameyayokocho market in Ueno. Found a lot of great stuff, they had Red Wings, Americaya, Samurai, Flathead, etc…

This place was recommended to us by a couple people, was delicious and filling

Parade forming outside our curry place

Megumi and Masa, Amber’s friends that she had met in Australia

Went to a wellknown place specializing in Tempura


Disney Sea

The only Disney Sea in the world, located right next to Japan’s Disneyland

I was brought here with promises of Aquariums and penguins, but it turned out to be pretty alright

Character Signings were pretty cool

We met Mrs Incredible

Fantasia Light show!

Exploring Tokyo

Went to see the infamous Gundam Wing

There was an little Jpop concert next door

Went to Ikekukuro’s Pokemon Mega Center

Got her Charizard Pikachu

The line was too long the first time we tried to go here, came earlier the next day and got ourselves some delicious sushi

Tokyo Skytree and me

Shinjuku, the sketchy redlight district. Our hotel was here

Stereotypical and offensive Robot Restuarant

Waited three hours in the morning cold, was sick for a few weeks, but that was incredible sushi

Sea Urchin, mmmmmm

And those slabs of tuna in the back…

My last day in Japan, Metropolitan Observation Deck looking out over Tokyo

You can see tokyo skytree if you look at the orange/white tower slightly to the right of the center one.

My last meal had to be sushi

Met a guy who let me try some whale and his million dollar watch. That’s my $350 one behind it

Listened to this street performer on the streets of Shibuya while I waited until it was time to train out to haneda airport

The famous crossing you see in all those movies

Goodbye Asia

And welcome home