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Backpacking Hong Kong

I had originally planned to go to China during this period but decided a couple weeks would not be nearly enough time and didn’t want to waste a six month, relatively expensive visa on it. So I decided to go to Hong Kong instead.

Hong Kong

Some cool Hong Kong apartments we saw on the bus ride in

Dim sum

Dim sum at lunch, the crowd is trying to get to the food cart

Picked up some Kinder Joys

My Kinder Joy Toy family

Spiderman on an adventure

Hong Kong is pretty watch crazy, went to try on a classic


Amber’s Mini High School reunion with Leo and me

Ended up near one of those protests we see one the news back home

And more dim sum of course

Tai Mei Tuk

Claire took us to Tai Mei Tuk for a fun time biking through the scenic landscape

She then took us to a nearby wet market

Various fish

Geoducks and Abalone!

Top floor had a bunch of restuarants, got a full seafood dinner

Ocean Park

Had wanted to see an aquarium, so headed to Ocean Park

So hundreds of different kinds of sea life, this was the most awkward one

Watching this guy eat was incredible

Nice view of Hong Kong from the Gondola

There were some exhilarating rides

Amber's Family

Met up with some of Ambers relatives

They took us to hotpot at the ‘Very Good Restuarant’

Had some incredible abalone

The next day they took us to the beach, which happened to be next to a dogpark

We messed around with this crab for awhile

Then to the peak, a shopping mall where you can look out over all of Hong Kong. Unfortunately it was cloudy…

Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)

Hong Kongs Walk of Stars

Found this on the way back to our hotel one night

Can’t believe this was a 5 minute walk from our hotel, spent a lot of time here! They had a light show every night

Kowloon and Causeway Bay

Amber left for Singapore a day early to catch her prebooked flight to Japan, so I wandered around. Found this at a mall.

They’re adorable! Got myself Ironman and a Thor for my little brother

Visited a nunnery and found an awesome temple

And there was a beautiful garden next door

Farewell Hong Kong and off to Japan

And off to Japan, time flies and so do I