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Backpacking Vietnam: Part 2

After a couple weeks Andreas' Visa expired and he headed back to the U.S. The rest of us had planned to head to Indonesia at this point but decided we wanted more time in Vietnam. Zach, Quynh, and Sherrie headed south for the sunny beach resort of Nha Trang while Amber and I set off west for the green hills of Sapa before heading south back into central Vietnam.


The van that took us to the bus broke down but eventually we made it to this awesome and comfortable sleeper bus

The view from our hotel, gorgeous!

Amber met Ha while traveling in Thailand, she graciously let us stay at her homestay, eat at her restuarant, wear black hmong clothes… it was an incredible experience

Ha’s homestay

They made us incredible dinners

It’s more green during rice season

A beautiful valley

Phong Nha

Such an idyllic place


Exploring the caves

More exploring

We found someone recording a music video!

And of course he has an entourage

Has to be one of the prettiest places we visited

BBQ pork banh mi, bought a couple extra for the road

Hoi An

A little town near Da Nang that lights up at night

Just a little bit touristy

But it’s very appreciated, unlimited fruit and fruit juice and a room for less than $20 a night

Newlyweds are all over the river dropping lanterns (wishes) down the river!

The view from the little eatery we dined at. Stayed for awhile and enjoyed the view :)

Leaving this wonderful country for Hong Kong and new adventures!