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Backpacking Vietnam

When I set out on the biggest adventure of my life, I was afraid it somehow wouldn’t match up to expectations. And expectations were high after hearing stories and having wanted to go for years. So I’m happy to say that Vietnam was perfect, it was a crazy and exhilarating adventure of strange things and marvelous places.

Here are some highlights from the trip:


Saigon Market

Our first meal in Vietnam

View from our airbnb apartment

Airbnb apartment falling apart

Delicous dish from the Man Beer restuarant

Partying it up for our last night in Saigon

Mei Kong

Quynh’s Uncle Doctor Ho let us stay at his beautiful house

Uncle Ho’s special blend of whiskey, good for fertility!

They made us the most incredible meal

Quynh’s family gave us of the surrounding dragon fruit fields

Then they took us to the Mei Kong delta

The first of the many Buddhas of my Asia trip

Phu Quoc

Hanging out on a beautiful beach in Vietnam!


Dinner! Eat the whole thing, even the bones

Beautiful red sunset as we sip cocktails

Da Nang

Finally have time to do some laundry

Year of the Goat!

Apparently you pray to this one for health

The biggest Buddha I saw the whole trip

Taking a break while Amber practiced her photography

Taking another break on the way up a granite mountain

Group picture after a long hike

Da Nang is pretty

Our hotel’s grand opening party, there was a band, magician, fireworks, and most importantly 50% off!

We went to the tallest building to celebrate our last night in Da Nang


Stopped by Hanoi on the way to Halong

Favorite bowl of pho, came here twice


The girls and our boat

Unfortunately, not the nicest day. But it was incredible nevertheless

Attempting to help row

Group picture!

Surprise cave, the first of many caves

Happened to see this while looking for a place to eat